Thursday, September 4, 2008

College Football Recap

Week one college football musings:

1. USC looked like they were on fast forward during their game with Virginia

2. Where the hell did Chris Wells get the nickname Beanie?

3. I have never seen back to back kickoff TD returns like what happened in the Colorado-Colorado State game -- that was great. A great crowd at Invecso Field as well -- or is that been renamed Obama Park?

4. MSU looked good against Cal? Turn the corner good? No. As we all have broke down by now, too many miscuses, and too many points on the board. But overall, not bad. And hey, at least we dont have to live in California, deal with people living in trees, and for my pregame party we ate brats, -- brats not tofu burgers for goodness sakes.

5. Michigan. Nice showing!!

6. 4 days to the Packer Monday night opener!

7. Washtingon needs to really get things figured out, or it will be ugly against BYU this weekend.

8. I like the direction of Stanford, I like Harbaugh is doing good things there

9. Ten-UCLA -- best game of maybe the whole weekend --- and I miss it to go to bed early after a long weekend. Damn

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Perturbed Lions Fan said...

We have a big game coming up here. Lions-Packers. No activity on this blog? What kind of blog is this? What could you possibly be waiting for that's more important to blob about?