Thursday, August 28, 2008

South Carolina - Packers update

OK, the ol ball coach is back -- South Carolina up 27-0 with 5 minutes left and they throw a bomb - nice Steve, nice.

Packers playing the Titans in preseason tonight. Game was on Wisconsin State TV, and we went to the Mason-Okemos high school football game -- big win for the Bulldogs over the rival Chieftains! , so I missed the game on the radio as well. Early reports state ugly showing for backup offensive line and Brian Brohm. First play of the game Rogers hits Greg Jennings, but no carries for Ryan Grant -- interesting as they prepare for the dreaded Vikings. Who wears purple, anways?

ESPN just showed the latter part of South Carolina's SEC schedule -- I glanced up real quick and now I know why Spurrier is racking it up now -- LSU, Auburn, etc.... = lots of losses.

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