Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Michigan State Park and Forest Campground Review

Through the course of my blog, I will be providing information in a series of reviews of state parks that we have stayed at. So far on the list in my time in Michigan, I have stayed at: (in no particular order)

Ludington State Park
Traverse City State Park
Manistee River State Forest Campground
CCC Bridge State Forest Campground
Andrus Lake State Forest Campground
Two Hearted River State Forest Campground
Reed and Green Bridge
Tahquamenon River Lower Falls
Muskallonge Lake State Park
Bewabic State Park
Fisherman's Island State Park
Port Crescent State Park
Houghton Lake State Forest Campground
Newaygo State Forest Campground
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park
Burton's Landing State Forest Campground

All parks can be read about here on the state of Michigan website,,1607,7-153-10365---,00.html. These reviews will attempt to go beyond the information provided by the DNR.

Bear in mind that State Parks generally have power and water hook ups, normally need reservations. State Forest Campgrounds are first come, first serve, and generally do not have any modern utilities. Thus, they also tend to be more quiet. Although there certainly are exceptions. (See Manistee River reviews when they are posted)
Some I have camped at as recent as two weeks ago, others it has been 6 years. But I will try to give as much information on these campgrounds as possible. I have also thought that given the demand for the state parks in Michigan, it is amazing that I have not found a good review site yet. So this will be a first,,,

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