Thursday, September 4, 2008

College Football Recap

Week one college football musings:

1. USC looked like they were on fast forward during their game with Virginia

2. Where the hell did Chris Wells get the nickname Beanie?

3. I have never seen back to back kickoff TD returns like what happened in the Colorado-Colorado State game -- that was great. A great crowd at Invecso Field as well -- or is that been renamed Obama Park?

4. MSU looked good against Cal? Turn the corner good? No. As we all have broke down by now, too many miscuses, and too many points on the board. But overall, not bad. And hey, at least we dont have to live in California, deal with people living in trees, and for my pregame party we ate brats, -- brats not tofu burgers for goodness sakes.

5. Michigan. Nice showing!!

6. 4 days to the Packer Monday night opener!

7. Washtingon needs to really get things figured out, or it will be ugly against BYU this weekend.

8. I like the direction of Stanford, I like Harbaugh is doing good things there

9. Ten-UCLA -- best game of maybe the whole weekend --- and I miss it to go to bed early after a long weekend. Damn

Thursday, August 28, 2008

South Carolina - Packers update

OK, the ol ball coach is back -- South Carolina up 27-0 with 5 minutes left and they throw a bomb - nice Steve, nice.

Packers playing the Titans in preseason tonight. Game was on Wisconsin State TV, and we went to the Mason-Okemos high school football game -- big win for the Bulldogs over the rival Chieftains! , so I missed the game on the radio as well. Early reports state ugly showing for backup offensive line and Brian Brohm. First play of the game Rogers hits Greg Jennings, but no carries for Ryan Grant -- interesting as they prepare for the dreaded Vikings. Who wears purple, anways?

ESPN just showed the latter part of South Carolina's SEC schedule -- I glanced up real quick and now I know why Spurrier is racking it up now -- LSU, Auburn, etc.... = lots of losses.

College Football returns!

Its back! Many college football games around the country, including 3 on national TV. Another game on Friday, and then its on on a full slate on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!

Watching South Carolina and NC State right now. I wonder if Tom O'Brien wishes we would have left Boston College. They have gained like 150 yards in 3 quarters. What is with South Caronlina an attracting ex-superstar coaches who are closing our their careers. Lou Holtz? Steve Spurrier? At any rate, this isn't a blowout, but the South Caroline seems to be in control.

Stanford - Oregon State -- Jim Harbaugh seems to be doing a good job at Stanford -- the refs just missed an instant replay call on a long throw, and ESPN's Ron Franklin is letting him opinion be known. You wonder if that is his opinion, or a producer in his ear.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pack Update

Well, it looks like Aaron Rogers and the crew turned things around last weekend against Denver. I was at my cabin the Upper peninsula, so I didn't catch it on the radio. Hopefully a sufficient, non-injury showing for Ryan Grant and the offense tomorrow night against the Titans and we will be ready for the opener against the Vikings.

Meanwhile, it appears the KBG can't stay healthy. Between him, Johnny Jolly's legal issues, and Harrell's back surgery, Hawk's injury - I must say I am worried about Adrian Peterson and the Vikings coming to town...

Upper Manistee River Forest Camground and Canoe Camp

This is the first in a series of reviews of Michigan State Parks and Forest Campgrounds.
There are two loops at the Upper Manistee River State Forest Campground and Canoe Camps, with 40 sites. There are no modern utilities. It is located outside of Grayling, west on M-72, and then north on Manistee River Road. Turn at the Down River gas station/party store. (this store was for sale the last time I drove by in June) It was a great store, with everything from beer to groceries to fishing lures. Alas, it seems that they are going out of business. At any rate, we stayed there 4 times during the summer of 2006. We went mainly in June. The first few times we went, it was not crowded at all. We really had a nice quiet time, I fished, my wife waded in the river. Headed up north the last weekend in June leisurely on a Friday afternoon, and wham, had to take the last spot in the whole camground with two cars tailing us closley! It appears that is a weekend for a large fly fishing group that camps together. They took many of the spots.

This is a campground that has fairly good cover and privacy between spots. The campground weaves around the scenic upper river of the Manistee. It holds good brown trout fishing. I always was able to catch at least one good 10" brown every time I went. ( I always release on this river) I always headed past the "left" loop, and if you follow the fence until it ends, there is a sandy bottom, with an island. This is towards the edge of the park, there is private property near by, so be respectful. Once you wade in, take the right fork, there is a good hole there, with a downed tree and lots of structure. Cast into the overhanging areas as well, as trout will be hanging out with good cover. I always used spinners on that river -- per regulations this was legal. Many fly fish it at night for the hex hatch.

Timing is everything with this park. My recommendation is early or late season. It seems that after June 25th, you will be dealing with trout camps, and then the loud canoe groups. One time that summer we stayed, and there is a large amount of group camping available, including those that can canoe in. It was like woodstock. I could never figure out what type of group it was, maybe come college frats and soroties getting togther, but it was a loud, loud party. Not to my liking when trying to get some peace and quiet. And there were no DNR around to control it.

So, all in all, a very scenic park with much of it bordering the river. But, being only 2 1/2 hours away from downstate, it can attract a lot rif raff. So pick your times of year to go. ( I guess like most campgrounds)

I have never stayed at, but have fished at Goose Creek State Forest Campground, which only has 5 sites, and is unique as it is a horse camp. While nice, be sure to watch your step! This is near the Upper Manistee camp, on the east side of the river. Please note that the campgrounds are mismarked on many maps, follow the signs while driving.
Until next time.

Michigan State Park and Forest Campground Review

Through the course of my blog, I will be providing information in a series of reviews of state parks that we have stayed at. So far on the list in my time in Michigan, I have stayed at: (in no particular order)

Ludington State Park
Traverse City State Park
Manistee River State Forest Campground
CCC Bridge State Forest Campground
Andrus Lake State Forest Campground
Two Hearted River State Forest Campground
Reed and Green Bridge
Tahquamenon River Lower Falls
Muskallonge Lake State Park
Bewabic State Park
Fisherman's Island State Park
Port Crescent State Park
Houghton Lake State Forest Campground
Newaygo State Forest Campground
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park
Burton's Landing State Forest Campground

All parks can be read about here on the state of Michigan website,,1607,7-153-10365---,00.html. These reviews will attempt to go beyond the information provided by the DNR.

Bear in mind that State Parks generally have power and water hook ups, normally need reservations. State Forest Campgrounds are first come, first serve, and generally do not have any modern utilities. Thus, they also tend to be more quiet. Although there certainly are exceptions. (See Manistee River reviews when they are posted)
Some I have camped at as recent as two weeks ago, others it has been 6 years. But I will try to give as much information on these campgrounds as possible. I have also thought that given the demand for the state parks in Michigan, it is amazing that I have not found a good review site yet. So this will be a first,,,

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Upcoming Packers Season

Ok, introductions aside. I am a Green Bay Packer fan, I attend at least one game a year at Lambeau Field. Last year I was in attendance for the NFC Championship game. Yes, it was cold. The outcome of the game was very disappointing, but nevertheless, it was great time. I went with a long time friend, paid $350 for an end zone seat, tailgated for 5 hours in -3 degree weather, and sat for 5 more hours in an overtime game for 4 1/2 more hours. To see the Pack lose. Again, yes, it was a lot of fun.
The experience, and the people at Lambeau make it fun. It is unlike many NFL stadiums, where you constantly need to deal with drunken fans fighting. Yes, problems do occassionally occur, but I have never experienced any issues. Compare to Rich Stadium in Buffalo, where I have been to one random game against the Kansas City Chiefs back in the late 80's and saw like 5 fights in one half. Nice. I guess Buffalo itself is unique. At any rate. I will be commenting in the coming posts on the whole Brett Favre - Aaron Rogers situation. My biggest hope is that they at least have a respectable season. I am guessing this will be difficult. They play a very tough schedule - Colts, Cowboys, Bucs, Seahawks. There is nothing easy about it coming off a 13-3 season. And the division is better, especially on the defensive side of the ball. 8-8 and competing for a division title will be sufficient for me. More to come soon.