Thursday, August 28, 2008

College Football returns!

Its back! Many college football games around the country, including 3 on national TV. Another game on Friday, and then its on on a full slate on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!

Watching South Carolina and NC State right now. I wonder if Tom O'Brien wishes we would have left Boston College. They have gained like 150 yards in 3 quarters. What is with South Caronlina an attracting ex-superstar coaches who are closing our their careers. Lou Holtz? Steve Spurrier? At any rate, this isn't a blowout, but the South Caroline seems to be in control.

Stanford - Oregon State -- Jim Harbaugh seems to be doing a good job at Stanford -- the refs just missed an instant replay call on a long throw, and ESPN's Ron Franklin is letting him opinion be known. You wonder if that is his opinion, or a producer in his ear.

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